Swell Shark // Glow in the Shark Vinyl Sticker

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    ✦ Size is 2.7" x 2.3" / 68mm x 59mm 
    ✦ Premium Glow in the Dark Vinyl with Matte Laminate
    ✦ Waterproof, Weatherproof, UV-protected, and Scratch-Resistant 
    ✦ Permanent Adhesive

    Did you know that the Swell Shark exhibits a phenomenon called biofluorescence? Not to be confused with bioluminescence - these sharks don't actually glow in the dark nor produce their own light. Biofluorescence is where small, special molecules in the shark's skin absorbs the blue light of the ocean and emits it back as a glowing green light. We humans can only see this green glow using the help of UV lights. 

    Learn about biofluorescence in sharks by watching this Nat Geo video!

    Stickers aren't just gifts; they're like a splash of happiness for people of all ages! Stick 'em on planners, notebooks, cars, windows, water bottles, helmets, laptops, surfboards, and any smooth surface you can think of!

    Original Art & Design Copyright © Byte Size Treasure

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    Swell Shark // Glow in the Shark Vinyl Sticker
    Swell Shark // Glow in the Shark Vinyl Sticker

    sticker not glowing?


    Like most Glow in the Dark materials, these stickers need a little bit of a charge to make them glow.


    Place your sticker in bright light so the photo-luminescent molecules in the vinyl material can absorb light energy.

    For a full charge, 7-8 minutes of direct sunlight is best! But you can also charge with about 20 minutes with standard household lights. Or, under ultraviolet/black light for 3-4 minutes.

    Great to Decorate ❤ Built to Last!

    My durable vinyl stickers are a great way to decorate water bottles, cars, notebooks, and so much more!
    Safe for indoor and outdoor use.

    Professionally printed on premium vinyl for maximum durability. Unless otherwise noted, all of my stickers & sticker sheets are:



    UV-Safe for 5+ years! (For best glowing longevity, I recommend keeping Glow in the Dark Stickers inside)



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