Brushtail Possum Enamel Pin
The Common Brushtail Possum is the second largest species of possum. Like most species, they are nocturnal and are primarily folivores (specialize in eating leaves) but have been known to eat small mammals.  ✦ 2.2” tall✦ Durable hard enamel✦ Gold Plated...
Platypus Charity Enamel Pin
The Platypus is a semi-aquatic mammal endemic to Eastern Australia. Alongside their closest relatives, the echidna, they are the only mammals that lay eggs instead of giving live birth. ✦ 1.75” wide✦ Durable hard enamel✦ Gold Plated Metal✦ Two pins on...
Wallaby Charity Enamel Pin
Wallabies are a mid-sized macropod (family of marsupials including kangaroos) endemic to Australia.  ✦ 1.6” wide✦ Durable hard enamel✦ Gold Plated Metal✦ Two pins on the back with green rubber backers✦ Raised Byte Size Treasure logo on the back A collective...
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