Arapaima & Silver Arowana \\ Wooden Pin or Magnet
Show your love of freshwater fishes with these sustainable wood goods.  These stylish and unique wooden products are professionally printed on ethically-sourced wood harvested from sustainable woodlands and have a significantly lower impact on the environment than enamel pins!   ✦ 4mm thick cherry...
River Dolphin Enamel Pin
The Amazon River Dolphin is the largest species of river dolphin (boto). Their body color varies with age - young dolphins are typically grey and adults have a recognizable pink coloring caused by repeated abrasions of the skin surface. ✦...
Tamandua Charity Enamel Pin
The Tamandua is a species of anteater that live both in the trees and on the ground in South American forests.  ✦ 1.6” wide✦ Durable hard enamel✦ Gold Plated Metal✦ Two pins on the back with green rubber backers✦ Raised...
Tapir Enamel Pin
Tapirs are very close relatives of rhinoceroses, sharing a similar prehensile trunk. Their trunk is used to grasp leaves to eat and also serves as a snorkel when they swim.  ✦ 1.6” wide✦ Durable hard enamel✦ Gold Plated Metal✦ Two...
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