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The Seven Types of Plastic

17 Sep 2020 0 Comments

Our world is full of plastic. Many products that we see and use on a daily basis are made of some sort of plastic. But not all plastic is the same. The growing amount of plastic ending up in our oceans is rising every day, and plastic toxicity a very real concern.

When you get an item made of plastic at a store, there are often times a symbol with a number on there to inform you of the items recyclability. This symbol is called a RIS (Resin Identification Code) and the numbers go from 1 - 7. The outside symbol can be seen as a little misleading, as its a recycle symbol - and many of these plastic types are not recyclable. Sadly, even though many can be recycled, the percentage of these products that are put into recycling systems is very low. 

Below is a very informative chart that explains the different types of plastic, what products they're typically used to make, the recyclability of each, and their toxicity dangers. 

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