• Elasmo Week 2020

    Elasmo Week 2020

    Elasmo Week is a new, week-long virtual event dedicated to all elasmobranchs - sharks, rays, skates. The goal is to highlight diverse marine life researchers of many different races, genders, nationalities and research topics. No sensationalism - just science!
  • Shark Conservation Organizations You Can Support

    Shark Conservation Organizations You Can Support

    Shark populations are under constant attack by humans and our actions. But there are organizations that are fighting for the protection of the species for the good of our global ecosystems. These shark conservation organizations need support from you to fight the obstacles they come across on local and global scales. 
  • What if... Every Shark Disappeared?

    What if... Every Shark Disappeared?

    Sharks have been swimming in Earth's oceans for more than 400 million years. As apex predators, sharks are a necessary puzzle piece to maintain a complex and diverse ecosystem. Every year, over 100 million sharks are killed by humans due to commercial and recreational fishing. This, paired with the "man-eating monster" stereotype sharks have gotten over the years, has left sharks fighting for their survival. ...
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