Elasmo Week 2020

Elasmo Week begins tomorrow!

The current trend in pop culture and shark "science" television is all about sensationalism. You expect to see the same few species of sharks, programming misrepresenting and exaggerating dangerous sharks, some sort of expedition to find the extinct Megalodon, and many ridiculous spots with some celebrity facing off with a shark. Marine scientists and many shark fans have been tired of the same programing, year after year. 

What is Elasmo Week? Its a very special, brand new virtual event dedicated to all elasmobranchs - sharks, rays, skates. No sensationalism - just science! 

Started by the women of MISS: Minorities in Shark Sciences, the goal is to highlight diverse marine life researchers of many different races, genders, nationalities and research topics.

Over the course of the week, there will be 15 live talks from 17 speakers at varying stages in their science careers, from countries all over the world. These speakers are passionate about the species they study and want to offer programming that communicates accurate information and true representations of marine scientists. 

When is Elasmo Week? Elasmo Week will be happening September 6th-13th; 8-10pm EST. 

Where can you watch? It's a FREE week-long event. All live presentations, recordings and panels will be streamed through the MISS YouTube page! If you miss out on the live viewings, they'll be available on the YouTube page for future watch sessions!

What can you expect? As of writing this blog post, the lineup is as follows:

Sunday, Sept 6
8-9pm EST - Jasmin Graham
9-10pm EST - Dr Anabela Maia

Monday, Sept 7
8-9pm EST - Eloisa Pinheiro Giareta
9-10pm EST - Jaida Elcock & Annabel Gong

Tuesday, Sept 8
8-9pm EST - Dr Dora Kim
9-10pm EST - Prof Francisco Concha

Wednesday, Sept 9
8-9pm EST - Carlee Jackson
9-10pm EST - Lauren Eve Simonitis

Thursday, Sept 10
8-9pm EST - Dr Camila Cáceres
9-10pm EST - Juliana Kadar

Friday, Sept 11
8-9pm EST - Dr Dean Grubbs
9-10pm EST - Symone Johnson Barkley & Jennie Janssen

Saturday, Sept 12
8-9pm EST - Dr Marianne Porter
9-10pm EST - Irish Basking Shark Group

Sunday, Sept 13
8-9pm EST - Dr Catherine Macdonald
9-10pm EST - Live Q&A with some presenters

Weekly MC: Dr David Shiffman

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