Eco-Friendly Tips for Small Businesses: Part 1, Reusing Cardboard

on December 16, 2021

Today, I'm going to share one of my favorite tips and tools that I use as part of my Sustainability Promise as I ship my products.
Best of all? It's easy and affordable!

I get a lot of cardboard boxes in the mail - and I will reuse most of them to ship out products. And I always put a sticker on these boxes so you know your package has been shipped in reused packaging!

But, sometimes a box is simply too big or too damaged to reuse (ripped or banged up boxes). So! I cut it down into pieces. 

Hand holding a set of pink electric scissors.

I use electric scissors to cut down the pieces quickly and with minimal effort - but you can totally use a box cutter or Xacto blade!

Prior to 2021, I use to use box cutters, but these electric scissors make quick work of cutting down cardboard.

I cut down pieces into a few sizes - 9x12 for art prints and a bunch of 4x6 pieces for sticker orders. I keep all these pieces in a bin, so they're ready to grab when I need them - and they're perfect for keeping those products from being bent and damaged while in transit to my customers!

Cutting out pieces of boxes will produce waste from all those small off-cut scraps though, right?

Not for me! Any part of the box that I can't reuse, like super damaged pieces and those off-cuts will all get shredded! 

I invested in this durable paper shredder that will handle thicker materials, like cardboard, and shreds it up into smaller pieces.

If you're shopping around for a shredder that can handle cardboard, maker sure it can handle at least 12 sheets of paper.

I use this shredded material as  in-fill when shipped out orders in boxes - which keeps items protected during transit!

It saves me from buying crinkle paper AND it's a great eco-friendly alternative to bubble wrap - because it's been reused PLUS, it's 100% recyclable! 

Stay Tuned for Part 2!!

Hand holding a set of pink electric scissors.

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