Shark Nerd Bundles

Explore the fascinating realm of different shark species while enjoying delightful and adorable merchandise. Collect them all to build a vibrant rainbow of shark wisdom and positivity.

Bundle #12: Graze, the Broadnose Sevengill Shark (Cow Shark)

  • The Bundle Includes

    โœฆ 5ยฝ" x 8ยฝ" Double-sided Species Info Sheet
    โœฆ 3" Vinyl Sticker
    โœฆ 7" x 5" Mini Art Print
    โœฆ 7" x 5" Coloring Page
    โœฆ 2ยฝ x 3ยฝ" Trading Card (with sleeve)

    The Extras include:
    โœฆ 2ยฝ" Double-sided Acrylic Keychain
    โœฆ 4" x 6" Sticker Sheet

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