Pre-Order Status

Interested in checking the status of pre-order items, their expected shipping dates, or when they'll be available for direct purchase? You're in the right place.

Pre-order items will be marked as "Pre-order" in the shop

Please note that when you order in-stock items alongside pre-order items, we'll hold the in-stock items until the pre-order items arrive for combined shipment.

If you'd like the in-stock items to ship separately and more quickly, kindly place a separate order.

  • No Pre-Orders Open at this time

Product Restock Status

If you're interested in the current status for a sold out item on the shop and any restock orders currently in place, see below:

  • Coin Purses Restock

    Status: Shipped!
    Expected: Early May 2024

  • Small Shark Charms

    Status: In Production
    Expected: Early May 2024

  • Shark Trading Cards

    Status: In Production
    Expected: June 2024

  • 3D Sharkagotchis

    Status: In Production
    Expected: No Estimated Date