Shark Merch Roundup: Part 3

Continuing this blog series, where I share cute shark merchandise that I've found around the internet. I want to primarily focus on showcasing products from artists and small businesses! 

So here's Part 3 of The Shark Merch Roundup:

Top Row: 
Shark Heart Enamel Pin by MirandaDressler
Oh Whale Vinyl Sticker by Catmint Studios
Oceanic Whitetip Shark Keychain by Pelygic
Baby Shark Enamel Pin by Crowlines

Bottom Row: 
Tsundere Shark Sticker by Arcasian
Whale Shark Ornament by EatToast
Great White Shark Pin by Nutmeg & Arlo
Blep Shark Sticker by ChaoIllustrations


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