Our Planet: Sir David Attenborough's speech at the Premiere

Sir David Attenborough gave a speech at the Natural History Museum in London for the premiere of Netflix's 'Our Planet' documentary series. Speaking beneath a blue whale skeleton, he gave a speech that was powerful, eloquent, and empowering. He spoke about why we all need to act NOW to take on saving this world.

"As far as we know, there have been five major extinction events on our planet. Events caused by changes so severe, that many species simply can't adapt, and as such, die out.
"Right now, we are in the midst of the Earth's 6th mass extinction. One every bit as profound and far-reaching as that which wiped out the dinosaurs.
"It's almost impossible to grasp, as we go on about our lives, that the rest of the life on earth is experiencing destruction on the scale of that wrought by a colossal asteroid collision.
"What we did to save the whales, we must now do for all nature." 
- Sir David Attenborough


What was my reaction to this video? Total emotional breakdown. 
Listening to speeches like this makes it really hard to not feel completely helpless in the fight to protect this planet. But we need to keep on fighting and make Sir David Attenborough proud!

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