Convention Log 49: ColossalCon

This past weekend, I was set up at ColossalCon in Sandusky, OH. I've always wanted to attend/vend at this convention, but it's incredibly competitive to get in. 

I left at 3am on Thursday and even with insanity on the highways, I made great time - I made it in about 8hrs! I still had plenty of time to set up my tiny little 6ft table, get some food before they opened the doors at 4pm! This was the first time I've ever done a 4-day show. 

My favorite part of the show was the lunch breaks they gave artists! It gave us an hour each day to shut down, relax, and have a little picnic with fellow artists. I can't even tell you how rare it is for most artists to take any sort of breaks - so this was a welcome reprieve. 

Despite the long drive, and the TINY table, it was a great convention and I hope I can sell there again in the future!! (I rarely do tables this small anymore, so it was a challenge!)

On the Monday after the show (yesterday) I took an extra day for myself to spend at the Columbus Zoo. I've never been before!! I walked around for 7 and a half hours and got really bad sunburn - but I got to see Okapis, feed giraffes, watch the cheetah run, and so much more! Definitely worth the trip!

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