Byte Size Con - Virtual Artist Alley

During the COVID-19 pandemic, many conventions around the world have been asked to close or postpone to help stop the spread of the virus. Artists and Small Businesses that sell at these shows have been heavily impacted since it's the sole livelihood for so many. (Myself included)

Take a look at the new Byte Size Con Virtual Artist Alley - you just might find something you didn't know you needed! And the best part? You're supporting a small business!


Want to add your shop to the BST Virtual Alley list?
Are you a small, artist-owned business impacted by the closure of conventions? Sign up today to be part of our Virtual Artist Alley! 

Want to help fund the BST Virtual Alley?
Running this database costs me a bit of money each month - so any donations would help immensely to keep it going long term!
Donations are not required to take part in or to view the Virtual AA, but are very much appreciated to help keep it running! 


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