Convention Log 51: Otakon

Another Otakon checked off - I can't believe I've vended at Otakon for 5 years now!! 

After the giant booth from SharkCon, even a little 10x10 space feels small in comparison. In-line booths can be a gamble to set up a walk-in booth - cause people tend to be afraid to walk in. The claustrophobia can be pretty bad when the booth gets busy - and it did get busy!

Tried something new with the grid cubes that I started using at SharkCon and decided to make a keychain wall. It worked out great in a lot of ways. I could go UP without having to worry about if I could see customers from behind it (cause I wasn't behind it) and it was easy for customers to scan and see what they wanted. I love the flexibility of the grids, what I can do with the display, and make it work for the specific booth situation at any show. 

I debuted 3 new enamel pins at the show and got to show off the 5 new shark friends. My husband was hard at work prepping a handful of 3D Sharkagotchis for the show - and they were gone quick! 

Otakon is local for me - so after a quick car ride home, the car was unpacked and I went right to sleep. It's local, but Otakon is a BUSY show. Now that it's over, I'm taking a few months off from conventions because November is gonna be swamped. 

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