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on April 01, 2021

I'm so excited to be a part of BizBaz @ Home this month on April 17th!

What is BizBaz@Home?

BizBaz @ Home is an online convention that brings YOU everything you love about in-person events to the comfort & safety of the internet!

That means: No Lines! No lack of personal space! No overpriced waterbottles!

BizBaz@Home Has It All!

  • Vendors with Exclusive Deals!
  • 5 Contests with Cash Prizes!
  • Music, Drawing Session, Vendor Panel, and Baking Segment!
  • Hourly Giveaways!
  • Exclusive Enamel Pin & Sticker Set!
  • Raffle Basket!
  • ... and more!!!

How to Join in on the Festivities?

✦ Get Your Ticket Today!! ✦

3 Price Options:
- Free!
- Pay What You Want!
- Paid Reward with Exclusive Pin/Sticker!

Access the Online Event Page on Eventbrite after you RSVP!
This automatically enters you into the hourly giveaways too!

Your ticket gives you access to all information: 
- Vendor promo codes & shop links!
- Rules to enter the contests
- Stream Link for the Day!
- Discord Community!

Byte Size Treasure Promo for BizBaz@Home!

For the event, I'm offering 10% off all BizBaz@Home orders of $25+

And all orders (regardless of total) will be getting special goodie bags for anyone who uses my special BizBaz@Home promo code.

You can only see that code after you grab your ticket for the event through EventBrite!

BizBaz Beach Party Sticker Sheet
BizBaz Beach Party Sticker Sheet
BizBaz Beach Party Sticker Sheet

BizBaz Beach Party Sticker Sheet


Goodie Bags, New & Exclusive Items!

What's in the goodie bags?
- Exclusive Byte Size Treasure + BizBaz@Home Sticker Sheet
- Random Acrylic Keychain

Can I buy the Sticker Sheet separately?

What's New?
- Sequin Pillows (last chance)
- Elastic Bookmarks
- Sale Items!

Hosted on Twitch All Day!

Hang out with BizBaz@Home all day on Twitch to watch the festivities.

You can view the entire event from any device with an internet connection!

See your old friends and meet new ones!

I'll be hanging out in the chat for most of the day too!

The Agenda! (times are in PST)

  • 10am - BizBaz@Home Begins
  • 10:15am - Showcase Vendors
  • 11:15am - Cosplay & Pet Costume Contests
  • 12:30pm - Vendor Panel
  • 1:45pm - Coloring Contest
  • 2:15pm - Baking Takeover Special
  • 4:15pm - Tee-KO Contest
  • 5:15pm - BrightBat Live Drawing
  • 6:15pm - Spongebob Trivia
  • 7:00pm - Music Set
  • 7:55pm - Winner Announcements, Raid, and Goodnight!


All of the vendors are offering a special promotion for the event and each require a special code to access the sale. To see those codes - just grab your ticket for the event!

Get to know your favorite artists and find new awesome creators during the vendor panel during BizBaz @ Home! You can ask questions & hang with us all! 

  • BizBazClub
  • @bizbazclub
  • Byte Size Treasure
  • @bytesizetreasure
  • Comfy Tofu
  • @comfytofu
  • Cosmic Skies Pins
  • @cosmicskiespins
  • Fox and Cactus
  • @foxandcactus
  • Pinkachii
  • @pinkachii ⁠⁠
  • Silver Crystal Shop
  • @silvercrystalshop
  • Sleeping Wolves Art
  • @sleepingwolvesart
  • The Crybaby Club
  • @thecrybabyclub_
  • The Graveyard Dave
  • @thegraveyardrave
  • Twinkle Toe Beans
  • @twinkletoebeans
  • Unicorn Paper
  • @unicornpaper ⁠⁠

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