BYTE SIZE CON - Virtual Artist Alley

Byte Size Con - Virtual Artist Alley

COVID19 has caused conventions around the globe to be closed/postponed. Artists and Small Businesses that sell at these shows have been heavily impacted since it's the sole livelihood for so many. 

I wanted to help support those who rely on conventions & public gatherings. I wanted to provide a master-list for AA folks to promote themselves and for potential customers to find them! But I wanted to take it a step above that - I wanted a customizable interface to allow folks to filter and search for different types of products and/or fandoms! 

Take a look at the Byte Size Con Virtual Artist Alley - you just might find something you didn't know you needed!

And the best part? You're supporting a small business!

Click Here to View Mobile-Friendly Version of Artist List

The condensed, Mobile-Friendly Version just shows Business Names, Info, Shops, and Social Media info. It doesn't have all the other information available in the full list - like products, tags, location, etc. Better for quick perusing through artists! Click on their logo and more information will appear!

How to use this List:

Filter Button -
Add a "Filter" and it will only show shops with the parameters you set.
Looking for someone selling a specific type of product, change the filter to show only that product type. Filter by tags and add any fandoms, animals, etc that you're looking for and any artist with that listed will appear, and no one else.

The filter can also be used to show only Black-owned businesses, only LGTBQ-owned businesses, or only artists open for commissions. 

iFilters do not currently work on mobile devices.

Sort Button -
By default, Artists/Shops are listed by newest-additions first! This gives folks an equal chance to be in the spotlight, regardless of their placement in the alphabet. You can change the sorting to show shop names in alphabetical order, show folks with sales first, etc. 

Search Box -
Pretty self explanatory, but using the search box within this list will highlight artists who match your criteria. It will not filter or sort to only those that match your search, so you will have to scroll. 

Want to add your shop to the BST Virtual Alley list?
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Submissions won't appear right away as I run each application through a quick vetting process to make sure no spam gets through. It may take a day or two for your application to appear in the list!

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Want to help fund the BST Virtual Alley?
Running this database costs me a bit of money each month - so any donations would help immensely to keep it going long term!
Donations are not required to take part in the VAA, but are very much appreciated.