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Do Your Best for Climate Change!

12 Sep 2019 0 Comments

We should all do our best to help combat climate change.

If you think you’re doing what you can to cut down on your waste and consumption to help better the planet - do NOT let anyone make you feel guilty about how much or how little you’re doing.

Every little bit helps!
And any step forward to a better Earth is better than no step at all.

Lots of artists/small businesses do everything in their power to minimize their impact on the environment. And many create products specifically to raise awareness AND raise funds for a plethora of charities. These charities are specifically chosen because of their positive steps to better our planet, and to save animals, indigenous peoples, and ecosystems.

Yes, they may create products that may not be as environmentally friendly as some would like -- but the amount of waste produced by small businesses and waste-conscious-consumers is nothing compared to big corporations.

The REAL impact on our climate comes on the industrial level. More than 70% of global emissions come from just100 companies and the billionaires in those boardrooms.

We need to hold those big corporations & billionaires accountable.

Please don’t attack artists/small businesses that are doing their part.
Don’t judge others for trying to do good and please keep the positivity flowing!

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