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Convention Log 50: SharkCon

15 Jul 2019 0 Comments

I just got back from a weekend in Florida - vending at my second SharkCon! And it was the 50th show/event I've done!? What!? How? I can't believe I've done that many shows. It feels like so much - but really nothing at all. Time sure does fly! 

If you love sharks -- you NEED to go to SharkCon. Its an annual event dedicated to raising awareness about shark and ocean conservation. There's tons of engaging activities for folks of all ages to sink their teeth into. Hang out with scientists, celebrities, and fellow shark nerds. 

Driving from home to Tampa is 13+ hours and boy... is Florida HOT.

For setup? This was my BIGGEST booth ever. Two corner 10x10 spaces for a whopping 200sq/ft of fun! I left a big open area for people to take selfies with my whale shark and it’s been so fun seeing all the photos pop up on social media.

This was the first con I've ever tried using grid cubes - which is a staple display item for many artist alley displays. They're super versatile! I had custom stickers printed to display information for the grids and I love how it all came together. 

I debuted a lot of new goodies at the show - puzzles, koozies, patches, and 5 new shark friends (early for Shark Week)! I was hoping my new enamel pins would come in time, but they were delayed a little bit, but they should be here in time for Otakon!! 

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