Bullhead Shark Egg Case \\ Acrylic Jewelry

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Did you know some sharks lay eggs? Did you know that these egg cases are called "mermaids purses"? 

These earrings are double-sided and semi-transparent. Hold them up to the light and see the baby shark inside!

✦ Double-sided, glossy print
✦ 3mm thick clear acrylic (printed on recycled materials)
Charm size: 1.25in / 31.6mm long
Hook size: 22mm long, 21-gauge
Hook Metal: Unplated titanium. Hypoallergenic. Corrosion resistant. Nickel-free.
✦ Titanium is hypoallergenic. It is one of the safest metals used for jewelry, far exceeding the tolerances of even surgical-grade steels.
✦ Clip-On size: 17mm long
✦ Clip-On Metal: Rhodium-Plated. Hypoallergenic. Nickel-free.
✦ Rhodium-Plated jewelry is also considered hypoallergenic. It is, however, still plating and can wear off over long periods of time. 

✦ Double-sided, glossy print
✦ 3mm thick clear acrylic (printed on recycled materials)
Charm size: 4in / 101.6mm long
✦ Chain length: 20in
✦ Chain metal: Silver-plated, iron-based alloy. Lead-free & nickel free!

✦ Contains no harmful alloys. Lead-free. Nickel-free. Cadmium-free.
✦ If you have a severe metal allergy or sensitive skin - please take note of the metal types listed above.

Original Art & Design Copyright © Byte Size Treasure

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Bullhead Shark Egg Case \\ Acrylic Jewelry
Bullhead Shark Egg Case \\ Acrylic Jewelry
Bullhead Shark Egg Case \\ Acrylic Jewelry
Bullhead Shark Egg Case \\ Acrylic Jewelry

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