About Byte Size Treasure

Established in 2013, the shop is a woman-owned small business operating in Northern Virginia! My original merchandise brings real (mostly aquatic) animals to life in the cutest, most colorful, and positively charming ways.

From silly sharks to cheeky cephalopods, marvelous mammals, and beyond, my shop boasts over 200 different creatures that are bound to make a splash in your life.

I hope that through my art & my products, I can ignite a deeper appreciation for the wonders of the ocean and inspire people to take action in preserving it for future generations.

Meet Rew

Ahoy, fellow ocean admirers!

I'm Rew, the artist/designer/creative force/wannabe mermaid behind Byte Size Treasure.

I've always lived by the water - I was born on a bay, I have lived on a marina, in a swamp, and have lived by the ocean. A naturalist at heart, I have great love for all the creatures that call our planet home - but there's something truly enchanting to me about the world beneath the waves.

As an artist, I'm on a mission to to highlight the diversity and importance of all ocean life, one animal at a time. I'm not just here for sharks - I'm captivated by the entire cast of characters that make our oceans thrive.

Why Sharks?

As a child, I was awe-struck by sharks I saw at aquariums and on tv - and I quickly learned just how diverse the shark family is (but will always have a special love in my heart for Zebra Sharks).

Sharks are an ancient family of fish and are a vital part of our global ecosystem. As a keystone species, they maintain the delicate balance of the food chain. If sharks disappear, the entire system is pushed into turmoil and our world-wide ecosystems will crumble.

So, why focus on sharks in my art? I wanted to shift the narrative and showcase sharks in a positive light. Sure, my shark characters are all smiles, bright colors, and adorableness, but they're based on the real deal. Through them, I aim to educate, inspire, and remind the world that sharks are not the villains but the unsung heroes of our oceans.

Learn About My Cast of Shark Characters

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