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Aquatic Life of Animal Crossing: New Horizons

15 Aug 2020 0 Comments

If you're like me, you've played a lot of Animal Crossing: New Horizons during the quarantine. It's a great escape from the stressful state of the world right now.

Before New Horizons, I had never played an Animal Crossing game before. But I'm HOOKED. And one of my favorite parts? Seeing all the fun and colorful aquatic critters you can find in the game. Especially with the new swimming update!!

Since the aquatic life in the game is based on real species, I've actually illustrated many of these animals! Below, I've composed a list of all the different animals that I've drawn that you can spot in the game!

Click on any of the images to see all of the available products of that particular animal!

Animals Seen While Swimming/Diving

Sea Pig Sea Slug Chambered Nautilus Octopus Umbrella Octopus
Vampire Squid Horseshoe Crab


Animals Seen While Fishing

Piranha Sea Butterfly Seahorse Clownfish
Surgeonfish Napoleonfish Zebra Turkeyfish Pufferfish Squid
Moray Eel Blue Marlin Mahi Mahi Mola Mola
Saw Shark Hammerhead Shark Great White Shark Whale Shark Suckerfish
Oarfish Barreleye Coelacanth More Coming Soon!
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