Shark Nerd club BUNDLES

Learn about a new shark and get fun & adorable merchandise! 
Collect them all and form a glorious rainbow of positive shark knowledge.  

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The Shark Nerd Club box has changed to be released every quarter (instead of monthly).


Bundle # 12 - Graze, the Broadnose Sevengill Shark (Cow Shark)

The Box includes:
✦ 5½" x 8½" Double-sided Species Info Sheet
✦ 3" Vinyl Sticker
✦ 7" x 5" Mini Art Print
✦ 7" x 5" Coloring Page
✦ 2½ x 3½" Trading Card (with sleeve)

The Extras include:
✦ 2½" Double-sided Acrylic Keychain
✦ 4" x 6" Sticker Sheet

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Chop, the Black Tip Reef Shark

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Bundle # 12
Graze, the Cow Shark


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