Conservation Campaigns

We here at Byte Size Treasure are focused on creating cute and fun sea creature-themed products sure to appeal to the excitable, sea-loving child in all of us! 

But the ultimate goal of BST is to educate people of all ages, foster love & appreciation, and emphasize the importance of ocean conservation.

A portion of our profits go towards conservation efforts. And occasionally, we’ll create specific charity-themed items.  Find out more about all of our efforts below!

Campaign: Mermaid Purses

Did you know some sharks lay eggs? Did you know that these egg cases are commonly referred to as “mermaids purses”?

Beginning in late 2018, we created transparent acrylic keychains of Mermaid Purses featuring 5 different shark species (Port Jackson, Zebra Shark, Horn Shark, Swell Shark, and Bullhead Shark). When held up, you can see the shark embryo inside!

The proceeds from the sale of these items were donated to the Shark Stewards to help save sharks from overfishing and the Shark Fin Trade.

Campaign: Beauty Bytes Shark Tooth Necklaces

For 2017 & 2018, we created acrylic necklaces featuring Great White Shark Teeth with various colored bows.

The proceeds from the sale of these items were donated to the World Wildlife Fund (for 2017) for their ocean conservation initiatives. And to the National Aquarium in Baltimore, MD (for 2018) for their conservation efforts and education programs.

Non Profits & Initiatives that We've Donated to:

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