What is Byte Size Treasure?

The Byte Size Treasure shop is a small artist-run shop that strives to be your one-stop-shop for all your nautical nonsense needs; featuring cute and fun sea creature themed products sure to appeal to the excitable, sea-loving child in all of us!

Love the ocean? Love sharks? Love silly puns? You’ve come to the right place!

Our ultimate goal is to educate, foster love & appreciation, and emphasize the importance of all life in our oceans and steps we can take to better shark & ocean conservation. 

Our primary shop: get buttons, keychains, cups, lanyards, stickers, sticker sheets, and more!

Get apparel (t-shirts, hoodies, leggings), notebooks, tapestries, bags, and more.

Get prints, apparel, tech accessories, bedding, drinkware, bags, and more.

Floor Pillow: Megalodon

Vibrant double-sided print floor pillows are a versatile seating or lounging option that will update any room. 6 Sizes Available

Vinyl Sticker: Sharkbucks

Waterproof, UV-protected vinyl with vibrant printed artwork. Matte-finish laminate to protect from scratching, rain, and sunlight.

Studio Pouches: Sharkagotchis

Durable 100% polyester canvas zipper pouch with a metal zipper. Fully lined for added strength. 3 Sizes Available

Acrylic Keychain: Whale Shark

Glossy-finish double-sided printed acrylic keychain with additional matching heart charm. 25 species available!

Laptop Sleeve: Manabee

Double-sided prints on durable form-fitting polyester, with a soft interior to prevent scratches. 2 Sizes Available

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